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Rabu, 11 September 2013

1st post ☺

Hello everyone :--D

Honestly I have no idea about writing in this post. This isn't my first blog, I'd been having once but then I deleted it. Lack of time to take care any of this things._.V
I barely created this blog due to my college assignment which supposed every students for having a personal website and post the subject named Interpersonal Skills.

But then I'll assure you I won't just sit and take a note for the subject only.
Likely I'm also here to learn how to be a good writer.
Oh yes I forgot one thing..

Firstly, let me introduce myself:D
My name is Ashma Hanifah. You can call me Han 
But mostly people suit themselves for making a nickname right?
Am 17 going on 18. I came from Jakarta and live in Surabaya. 
More or less they're 800 kilometre apart

I entered Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, located in Sukolilo, Surabaya.
I'm taking Bachelor's degree of Computer and spesifically majoring Information System.
This is my first year going to college and I really wish everything's will be fine.
Okkey I think that's well enough to say, thankyou for reading my blog!!
Catch you later;) *byebye*

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