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Rabu, 30 Oktober 2013


Well, hello blogger! It's kinda weird to make a post in the middle of the night actually

But, I just wanna tell you that I'm glad the last Monday was a nice day

hm it was my birthday and for the first time in that once-in-a-year Day I was so far away from home.. from Jakarta, from my family, and my friends.
Felt sad to be true but I still thankful to be remembered that how good it was to meet another birthday chance from last year.

Talk about last year..

Throwback, it was Sunday morning in my home I checked up my phone and there was a lot of mail, messages and..pray from my lovely friends. They wished that I could enter a college which I wanted, and also get the degree  that I dreamed. I used to want to go to a design school or maybe enter Institut Teknologi Bandung and its faculty of design..FSRD

But in fact, here I am right now, in another institute of technology in Surabaya, not in Bandung. I assure you I didn't regret choosing this univ and its degree. From now on, I'm just gonna try to do my best and keep moving forward.

And for the birthday..yeah I wish I could be a better person than before, and also I hope that someday I can & I will make my parents proud of me. 

Ok that's well enough for the story, thank you for reading my blog and see you later! ;--D

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